School Motto: Train up a child in the way he should go, and when
he is old he will not depart from it.Proverb 22:6

About Us

Words from the Principal

The mission of our school is "to nurture a new generation of flexible thinking, perseverance and emotion with love and care." We believe that love and care are the most basic teaching methods and the basic attitude of educators. We take pride in providing quality early childhood education services with this attitude in this neighborhood. 


We are a Christian kindergarten. Most of our teachers are Christians. We follow Jesus Christ as our living example. When the Lord Jesus walked on this earth, He used different teaching methods according to the audience’s needs. Early childhood education is the first learning step for children and has a significant impact on their future learning. Working on the frontline of education, teachers should strive to make progress in teaching, be flexible in teaching, emphasize the uniqueness of students, and help students explore, discover and cultivate a fearless mind through experience. Teachers should also be familiar with the surrounding as to make learning alive, fun, and interesting. We are a group of passionate, responsible, and dedicated teachers, and are committed to fulfilling this mission together. 


Children love to play. When they think learning is pleasant, fun, and interesting, they have a stronger motivation to learn, thereby enjoying learning and establishing an attitude of active learning.


I hope that students can have a pleasant learning experience in these three years. I also hope that it can lay the foundation for their lifelong learning, and help them learn to love others, love themselves, and the correct values through the Bible teaching, and become responsible and sentimental people.


Principal Wong Suk Fun